Pipes & Tubes

Industrial Steel Pipes & Tubes find a variety of  application in many industries.All these pipes exhibit high metallurgical strength & can also withstand high pressure. They are perfectly suitable for welding, bending, flanging and other various similar operations, made from quality materials. Our carbon steel pipes are durable, rust and corrosion resistant and are available in different thickness and diameter based on the client's requirements.


[American Society for Testing & Materials]

A249Welded austenitic S/S Boiler,superheater,heat exchanger & condenser tubes.For superheaters & heat exchangers.
A268Seamless & welded ferritic stainless tubing for general service.For general corrosion resistance and high temperature service.
A269Seamless and welded austenitic stainless steel tubing for general serviceFor general corrosion resistance and low or high temperature service
A270Seamless and welded austenitic stainless steel feed water heater tubes.For use in food and dairy industry.
A554Welded stainless steel mechanical tubing.For mechanical applications where appearance, mechanical properties or corrosion resistance is needed.
A789Seamless and welded ferritic/ austenitic stainless steel tubing for general service.For general service with particular emphasis on resistance to stress corrosion cracking.
9688Welded austenitic stainless steel feed water heater tubes.For feed water heater tubes, including those bent, if specified, into the form of U-tubes.

ASTM and ASME tube users may find reference to some of the above specifications numbers prefixed by an 'S' e.g. 'SA249'.


PAGE 16 AW [As welded]As welded tube receives no further treatment after forming and welding. It is used where limited manipulation is to be carried out. It has a smooth matt finish.
AWA [As Welded Annealed]Bright annealing after welding increases corrosion resistance & softens the tube for severe manipulations such as bending, expanding & forming.
CW & CWA [Cold Worked] & [Cold Worked Annealed]For applications requiring a smooth internal surface, high corrosion resistance and compliance with specifications such as ASTM A249. Tube is available in cold worked annealed [CWA] condition. In both conditions the weld area is subject to a mechanical forging process for grain refinement. CWA tube is then bright annealed, an economical alternative to fully welded drawn tube.
WD & WDA [Welded Drawn] & [Welded Drawn Annealed]By cold drawing tube in AWA or CWA conditions, fine dimensional tolerances are achieved, having excellent uniformity of wall thickness & concentricity, uniform grain structure and hardness. For maximum corrosion resistance this tube is supplied in the annealed [WDA] condition.
S [Seamless]Cold drawn from seamless hollows annealed and pickled to ASTM A269 specification. Suitable for high pressure lines.


The natural metallic lustre of stainless steel, which remains during its extremely prolonged lifespan, can be further enhanced by polishing and buffing. This applies particularly in applications for decorative purposes. A number of polished finishes are available

MF [Mill Finish]An off-the-mill finish; roll forming marks are retained and an indication of the weld may be visible.
BP [Buff Polish]Bright finishes with varying degrees of lustre. Available in 240, 400 & 600 Grit finish.