90° Elbow

90° Elbow

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In a piping system the function of an elbow is to change the direction of flow. Elbows are mainly divided into three groups, which defines the distance over which it can change its direction, which is expressed as a function of the distance from the center line of one end till the opposite face. This is called as the center to face distance and is equivalent to the radius through which the elbow is bent.
90° Elbow which is also called as "90 bends or 90 elbows", are manufactured in two different types that is SR (Short Radius) elbows and LR (Long Radius) elbows.

SR (Short Radius) elbows have a Center-to-Face dimension of 1.0 X diameter and are usually used in tight areas where clearances are major issue. LR (Long Radius) elbows have a Center-to-Face dimension of 1.5 X diameter and are more common types which are used when more space is available and flow is most critical. 90° Elbow is a fitting device which is bent in such a way so as to produce 90 degree change in the direction of flow of the fluid inside the pipe. An Elbow is used to change the directions in piping and it is also called as "quarter bend". A 90° Elbow attaches easily to copper, cast iron, plastic, steel and lead. It is also attached with rubber with stainless steel clamps. 90° Elbows are available in different materials like silicon, galvanized steel, rubber compounds etc. They even connect rigid or IMC circuit together which allows for 90° bends. The main application area of an elbow (90 degree) is to connect hoses with valves, water pressure pumps, and deck drains. These elbows are generally made from tough Nylon material or NPT thread.

Long Radius Elbow : The most commonly used 90° Elbow is long radius (L.R.) elbow where the center to face dimension (A) is always 1 ½ times the nominal pipe size of the elbow.

Short Radius Elbow : In Short Radius Elbow the center dimension(A) is the same as the nominal pipe size of the elbow.

Extra Long Radius : Extra Long Radius is where the center to face dimension is longer than the standard long radius type. The most common in this is where the center to face dimension is three nominal size, i.e. 3D.

MaterialStandards and Grades
Stainless steel elbowASTM A403 WP Gr. 304, 304H, 309, 310, 316L, 316, 317L, 321, 347, 904L
Carbon steel elbowWPHY 42, WPHY 46, WPHY 52, WPH 60, WPHY 65 & WPHY 70, WPBW, ASTM A 234 WPB
Low temperature carbon steel elbowASTM A420 WPL3 / A420WPL6 
Alloy steel elbowASME A / ASTM / SA 234 Gr. WP 91, WP 22, WP 12, WP 9, WP 11, WP 5, WP 1     
Duplex steel elbowASTM A 815 UNS NO S 31803, S 32205
Nickel alloy elbow
  • ASTM / ASME SB 336
  • UNS 10276 (HASTELLOY C 276 Elbow)
  • UNS 8825 (INCONEL 825 Elbow)
  • UNS 8020 (ALLOY 20 / 20) CB 3
  • UNS 6625 (INCONEL 625 Elbow)
  • UNS 6601 (INCONEL 601 Elbow)
  • UNS 6600 (INCONEL 600 Elbow)
  • UNS 4400 (MONEL 400 Elbow)
  • UNS 2201 (NICKEL 201 Elbow)
  • UNS 2200 (NICKEL 200 Elbow)